We fill your pipeline with leads.

More leads, better leads, more sales opportunities. With us, your communication is consistently focused on generating leads. We develop content for all phases of the customer journey so that initial contact with your company leads to a prospective customer first and then a loyal customer.

Our approach

Lead generation has top priority. In sales and marketing. We support you in generating and qualifying leads. So that your contact becomes a prospective customer and ultimately a loyal customer. To do this, we develop a strategy tailored to your buyer personas and work with you to plan campaigns that work. That’s how we create content with added value. And ensure that one cog fits into the other when generating leads for you. From strategy and planning to text, SEO and PR.


Buyer persona development: Who do you want to reach with your communication? And how can you convince this/these person(s)? We work together with you to develop buyer personas. So that your communication strikes a chord with the interested parties.

Content strategy: additiv has specialised in industry and logistics topics for more than 20 years. We know exactly which story works. We use specialised tools, analyse which answers your users expect to their search query and develop content formats that perform. Data-driven and onpage-optimised. This way, your buyer persona is left with no unanswered questions.

Monitoring: We track. We analyse. We optimise – successfully. To keep it that way, we keep a constant eye on content performance. If we see room for improvement, we’ll go to work on your content again. Depending on the strategy, we continuously report on all important KPIs such as content ROI, rankings, traffic or click-through rate (CTR). Regular audits ensure that your strategy is continuously refined.

Our services at a glance

  • Buyer persona development
  • Keyword set research
  • Content audit
  • Workshop: Content along the customer journey
  • Development of a content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Target and budget definition
  • Campaign planning and marketing
  • Analysis and success measurement

Our content formats

  • Newsletters
  • Landing pages
  • White papers and guides
  • Studies
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Blog posts
  • Content ads

Your contacts

Jochem Blasius

Managing Partner

Marion Zickenheiner

Marion Zickenheiner

Senior Account Manager