We create stories. And the industry talks about them.

Relevant content is our passion. We have been placing B2B companies in the trade press for 25 years. Strategically. In a campaign-oriented manner. Textually.

Our approach

No actionism. Nothing haphazard. We know exactly when and where to place a topic. Our network is huge. The texts are on point and well-regarded by journalists. We think in campaigns. This enables us to ensure a continuous outcome. We are sparring partners, content drivers and storytellers. Your technology is complex? Then you’ve come to the right place. We understand your USPs and create messages that really reach the industry.


Strategic consulting: There is nothing random about our approach. We help you to stand out in a hotly contested market environment. Nationally and globally. We have a client-oriented focus and develop messages with relevance. Our planning is long-term. Your topics are placed months in advance. With journalists, bloggers, podcasters and gatekeepers. We don’t leave you on your own, instead helping you to orchestrate your communication across channels. We define goals and allow ourselves to be measured against them. As an external team for your business.

Editing: We separate the wheat from the chaff. Technologies are complex. It all comes down to extracting the benefit for the customer. Our experienced technology editors have knowledge of your topics and are experts in logistics, robotics, mechanical engineering, industry and IT. That’s how we create content with added value. Journalistically sound. Linguistically in step with the times. And 100 percent authentic.

Monitoring: Our KPIs precisely match your strategy. Success monitoring is a central component of our strategy. We constantly screen the publications. Has a campaign been well-received by the media? Are journalists excited about your topic and actively asking for your input? How many publications can we achieve for you? Where do you stand compared with the competition? And: Do you have a continuous presence among your industry’s absolute top media?

Our services at a glance

  • Strategic consulting
  • Topic and action planning
  • Editing
  • Media and journalists: Maintaining contacts, press talks
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • International press relations

Our content formats

  • Press releases
  • User reports and success stories
  • Specialist articles
  • Interviews
  • Guest articles and commentaries

Your contact

Jochem Blasius

Managing Partner

Marius Schenkelberg

Director of Operations / Prokurist